R&D Engineer, Senior - Senior - G11206

Date: Jan 10, 2019

Location: Beijing, 11, CN

Job ID: 29572

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R&D Researcher (FPGA)

Job Description

Exciting opportunities to perform research on FPGA technologies for new wireless measurement solution research and development to drive the growth opportunities in the wireless area, for example, 5G and/or autonomous driving test. The work includes the following items:
1) FPGA architecture design for new instruments or solutions design
2) FPGA high-speed digital interface design and implementation for solution development

3) FPGA control interface design for the interfacing and control of the other components in the system.
4) design and implement high-performance DSP IPs on FPGA
5) collaborating with product teams to transfer the research results into products
6) collaborating with key customers on early prototype design and validation

本职位提供了令人激动的在北京的是德科技实验室进行前沿的无线技术研究的工作机会。本职位将从事新的无线测试系统中的FPGA 架构设计研究工作。通过创新性的研究工作来发明比如5G或者自动驾驶汽车中的全新测试解决方案并通过这些创新性的测试解决方案来推动公司业务增长。本职位的工作主要包括但不限于以下方面:

  1. 对于新的仪器或者测试解决方案中的FPGA的架构的研究和设计。
  2. 系统测试解决方案中的FPGA高速数字接口设计,实现与验证
  3. 系统测试解决方案中不同设备间的FPGA控制接口设计,实现与验证
  4. FPGA上高性能数字信号处理算法的设计,实现和验证
  5. 通过和产品团队合作把研究成果转化为产品
  6. 通过和关键客户的合作,实现研究工作的原型设计和验证

Job Qualifications

  • Ph.D degree  with more than three years experience in FPGA architecture design for highspeed digital signal processing
    Or Master degree with more than five years experience in FPGA architecture design for highspeed digital signal processing
  • proven experience on FPGA architecture design
  • proven experience on FPGA highspeed digital interface design
  • proven experience on FPGA control interface design
  • Proven experience on DSP algorithm design and implementation on FPGA
  • Proven experience on up to date FPGA development tools  
  • experience and/or knowledge in automotive related FPGA design is a plus
  • majored in electronic engineering or DSP is a plus
  • research work experience is a plus
  • self-motivated, passionate, quick learner
  • good communication skills
  • team-working.
  • fluent in English and Chinese communication
  • 硕士学位有五年的FPGA架构设计经验或者博士学位有三年以上的FPGA架构设计经验。
  • FPGA架构设计的经验
  • FPGA 高速数字接口设计的经验
  • FPGA控制接口设计的经验
  • FPGA上数字信号处理算法实现的经验
  • 对于最新的FPGA设计开发工具和开发流程的使用经验
  • 有在汽车相关领域的FPGA设计经验的优先
  • 电子工程相关专业或数字信号处理专业的优先
  • 从事过研究工作或有研究工作经验的优先
  • 自我激励,有激情,快速学习
  • 善于沟通
  • 善于并乐于团队合作
  • 能用中文和英文进行流利的沟通(书面以及口语)

Job Function




KTO - Keysight Labs

Employment Program:


Duration (temp position only):

Not Applicable

Relocation Benefits:



Day Job


Full Time (F)

Travel Required:

< 25%

Staffing Recruiter:

Bing Leng

Hiring Manager:

Hong-Wei Kong


Candidates can be considered to work from the following locations:


APAC : China : Beijing : Beijing



Privacy Statement 

***Keysight is an Equal Opportunity Employer.***

Keysight Technologies Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability or any other protected categories under all applicable laws.

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